Official Selections • Awards • Nominations
Newport Beach International Film Festival 2016
Toronto Independent Film Festival 2016
Winner, Best Feature, Budget Over 250K
Montreal World Film Festival 2016
Winner, 2nd Prize, Best of Canadian Cinema
Best Actors Film Festival San Francisco 2016
Winner, Best Actor, Drama, Peter Tharos
Madrid International Film Festival 2016
(Nominations: Best Foreign Language
Directors, Screenplay, Actor, Actress)

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A family secret and his father’s last wish compel a conflicted funeral director to embark on a transformative quest across remote Mexican landscapes with a street-hardened woman he’s never known — but who knows him.

Más Allá de lo Que Queda
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Peter Tharos
(My Big Fat Greek Wedding 1 and 2)
Nora Medina Chávez
Special appearance by
Patricia Reyes Spindola
(Fear the Walking Dead)
(3-time Best Actress Silver Ariel Award winner)
Directed by Peter Tharos & Bassel Martin
Feature • Drama • 16:9 HD BW / Color • 96 mins
Spanish language • English subtitles
Produced from Canada • Shot in Mexico
Completed January 2016

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